Belated Honeymoon

Since Jord and I went straight from getting married to working full time in New York City there was no time for a honeymoon. We debated for a long time if we were going to go on one. (Cause lets be honest living in NYC for two months was pretty much a honeymoon.) But in our minds we had always imagined somewhere tropical. So late one night after Jord had fallen asleep I got on the laptop and started searching. I fell in love with the Grand Cayman and booked the whole trip while he was sleeping. I hardly slept that night cause I was so excited for him to wake up and scream, “we’re going on a HONEYMOON!” Luckily he was even more ecstatic than me. 



We were in “awe” when we arrived. I’ve been privileged to travel a lot in my life and I’ve seen plenty of beaches…but not like this. It is seriously one of the most beautiful places that I’ve seen with my own eyes. Our first day there we took a catamaran out into the middle of the ocean where all of the sudden it was only four feet deep with stingrays everywhere. Like hundreds of them. I was freaking out at first because they are not afraid of you, and seeing large, wild, dark creatures swim towards you in the ocean is always nerve-raking. The only thing that kept coming to mind was, holy freak, this is how the Crocodile Hunter Man died. We had guides who would catch them and help us hold them correctly. Obviously I made Jord hold one first to make sure everything was going to be safe. His stingray was going crazy, like flapping out of the water and constantly trying to get out of his arms, so when it was my turn to hold one I was terrified. But it LOVED me haha, it just relaxed in my wide spread arms as we moved with the waves of the ocean. 




The sunsets were this gorgeous every night, the sky literally looked like cotton candy. Those evening walks are some of my favorite memories with Jord. Although we were wishy-washy about going on a honeymoon vs. saving our money… I am so so happy we chose to go. Life is all about growing and trying new things together and we did just that . 

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